Should I Dump This A$$hole?

We took a break from this last week, and I toyed with the idea of not bringing it back since I sometimes seem to forget to save my uploaded user comments to my blog.. but there was this email sitting in my gmail this morning that was just so ridiculous, I had to post it.


First off, let me say I just recently got engaged! I have been with my boyfriend “John” for 3 years, and we decided to get engaged before we go off to different law schools.

The other day my friend and I decided to go see “Magic Mike.” When I told John, he told me if I went to that theater and sat through it, we would be over.

He said he would DUMP ME if I saw “Magic Mike.” Seriously.

I’m not sure if this is an insecurity thing, but he sees tons of movies with female objectification, so I don’t see the cause for concern?! Is this a problem that will only get worse with time?

I really wanted to see it too. :(



Honestly, the plot line for “Magic Mike” isn’t solid enough to ruin your relationship. I mean maybe if Joe Manganiello had a bigger part..

BUT it bothers me that he won’t let you do something. I’m sure he has and will continue to see movies that objectify women, and while that doesn’t make it right, are you going to ban him from those?

Of course not.

I would have a serious chat with him about this “insecurity thing” and see what is driving this before you walk down the aisle. You’re right, this is alarming and could cause problems down the road. What else is he going to try and control?

It’s tricky because I would say to consider dumping him.. but then, I don’t like to be told what to do. Even trickier is the fact you are about to do this long distance..

And as for the movie, just wait till it comes out on RedBox and watch it at your friend’s house GUILT FREE!

Am I wrong? Maybe.. Probably. I don’t know. This one is tough.

Should she dump this guy?

Let me know and I’ll post your comments.


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She should dump that punk

She should dump him ASAP!

How can u be engaged to someone that is so childish they are willing to end a 3 year relationship over a stupid male stripper movie?? If this girl is dumb enough to stay with this guy then that’s what she gets.

Yes she needs to and go see the movie

Omg?! Seriously? Sounds as if this ‘anti’ Magic Mike dude is trying to show off his ‘ring on the finger now’ ‘tude!! Id discuss it with him, see the movie, and if that ended our relationship, itd mean he had serious control issues & maybe insecure much! That will only get worse!

I think if he has such a strong opposition to her seeing magic mike, while he sees similar if not worse movies himself, they have things that need to be worked out before they commit themselves to each other for life. Obviously they have different views on things, and he shouldn’t be so controlling of her or have such little trust in her after a 3 year relationship that is heading towards marriage

She needs to tell her bf this. He has most likely watched burlesque, he has most likely watcha moulin rouge, he has mostly watched cat woman, and there has been a scientific study that proves that 100% of men have watched porn at some point in their lives. Magic Mike is no big deal. You cant use double standards on this one. Her bf should save himself the embarrasment of having to tell his friends tht he broke off his engagement because his gf watched magic mike. For him to even make such a statement, he deserves to get dumped. However, since their engaged, they should talk it out. If he is still upset, then she should dump him. If a movie is going to get in the way, it isnt love

She should end it that’s completely stupid to break up with her for watching a movie

I think that is way too controlling! It’s just a movie…

He has definite trust issues, but you never know…. She could have done things to cause him to be that way.

Control issue …he is a total jerk!

Dude just let her go see tha movie it’s just a movie an if you don’t wnt her goin go see it w/ her make a date out of it that’ll probably make her happy :)

She’s not cheating on him. She’s just going to watch a movie. Im sure there have been tons of movies he’s seen with half-naked girls. My wife is gonna see it. It’s not a threat to our marriage.

That’s stupidly controlling. I saw magic mike this weekend while my husband of 2 years.was at a strip club with a bachelor party. Neither of these things are deal breakers.