Which of the Seven Drinking Dwarfs Are You?

Thanks to my friends at The Frisky for this one. HILARIOUS.

Sneezy’s addicted to coke, Dopey’s going home with strangers, and yeah.. sounds about right. You’ll never watch Snow White the same again.

If you’ve ever been out with a group of girls, you know that we tend to have distinct drinking personalities.

If you provide a woman shots, a sexy outfit and booty bumping music, her drinking personality will resemble one of the Seven Dwarfs. When Walt named these lovable, little men, he must have been thinking of all the drunk ladies he knew because it’s uncanny. Get a woman sloshed enough and she’ll eventually turn into Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey or Doc. Trust me, one of the Seven Dwarfs is just lying dormant within you, and if she drinks too many vodka tonics.. watch out.

Just in time for Friday night.. I want to know which one are you?!

Why is the emotional drunk not on here? Hahaha.

Have a great weekend.. and keep your Grumpy away from Jager.