Would You Rather Wednesday

I haven’t posted a poll in a while, so what the heck!

Today’s would you rather is something EVERYONE can identify with.. err I guess I should say, everyone with friends can identify with.. which I hope is everyone.

Anyway, imagine you are dinner. The restaurant is nearly empty, save a few other diners, would you rather have a friend who is too loud it’s embarrassing or be with someone who seems to be surgically attached to his/her smart phone?

Daniel hit me with this question in the office, I think it was a minor dig at me as I AM THAT LOUD PERSON, but at least I am paying attention!

[polldaddy poll=6416133]

BONUS: If you’ve got one of those friends who texts ALL THE TIME during meals, stack your phones at the end of the table. Whoever reaches for it first, BUYS DINNER!

Sadly, I have no remedy for a loud person like myself.. so take me somewhere crowded, or let’s order in. ;)