Should I Dump This?

The trend lately with relationship issues seems to stem from “hobbies that are ruining my life.”

I’ve got an email about an avid fisherman, golfer, fantasy football player… and then there’s THIS GUY.


My boyfriend and I have hit a rough patch lately and a lot of it stems from video games. Embarrassing eh?

Of course relationships are complicated, and I could go on for hours about all the little problems, but video games are hurting me the most. Everything comes back to them!

When I began dating my boyfriend video games were not a problem. I knew he had a past with world of war craft, but I thought things had changed, or at the very least had been toned down. But alas, Saturday nights he sleeps, invites me over, and plays video games all night – just like he does every other night.

He thinks that just because I’m there I am “included” and that shows he “cares about me.” Obviously, I don’t see it this way.

I want more attention put on me. I don’t think that’s wrong. If I call him and he doesn’t pick up, I know he’s playing FIFA or something and if he does pick up it’s just “yeah, uhh yeah. uh huh. yeah.”

I feel like I’m dating an xbox! Is there a way out of this situation?

Is this worth salvaging or should I dump this?


HAHA. Thanks for the laugh Erica.

I can imagine him picking up the phone during FIFA and all you hear is “yeah yeah yeah ah yeah ahhhh yeah” while he’s bouncing around, sitting on the couch, holding the controller, staring blankly at the TV.

Saying this hobby of his is out of control seems like a massive understatement. World of Warcraft is a destroyer of relationships.

A hobby should never ever make you neglect important things in life (or real people). You need to have a talk with him about it. And if that doesn’t work, dump him. If he wants to be a loser and sit on his couch all night, just go out with your friends and meet someone with social skills.

Any man over 30 that still plays games to this level is not boyfriend material.

What do you think? Should she dump this guy?

Update: Some texts from 23504

Don’t dump him over madden. It’s not an addiction. It’s a stress reliever. Weigh the postives and negatives out. Basing it on madden is immature.

WOW. Well that does change things up a bit. Sports games are a little different than fantasy games.

If you can’t beat them, join them. I routinely had Call of Duty date nights with my ex. It was fun!!

It’s just gonna get worse girl go out and find better someone who will give you the attention you deserve

Gamers should date other gamers no1 else understands

I played world of Warcraft for 6 years and managed a relationship for 4 of those years! Just have to play your cards right!

Gaming is just like any other hobby- you have to have good time management with it. If the guy lets gaming take top priority over his relationship at all times, then yeah she should dump him. But just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean your hobbies always have to take the back seat. Just manage them both! Bring the girlfriend into games every now and then- if she really likes the guy she’ll try it out to spend time with him. Just my 2 cents 

Ever quest, an older game, can ruin college educations! Lol…crazy… :-)

try and get into gaming, ask him to pick out some games that you can play together. It doesn’t have to be hardcore like Call of Duty or something. Try Guitar Hero (Not Singstar, guys hate that cos it blows)

Tell him how you feel. He isn’t a mind reader. If you haven’t told him how you feel, and he hasn’t caught on my now, then he never will if you don’t tell him straight on

If you already tried talking to him then the next step might be a break. A break might even do this guy some good. I think he would have to be brain dead if he didn’t see that his constant gaming is an issue. If a break doesn’t help fix things then you might have to move on to finding another guy. There are a lot of guys out there who would rather go out then stay in and play video games all day.

use to have a boyfriend that did that except he played madden online and i jus sat there and he ignored me, i broke up with him and i found someone wayyy better. it seems to me he hasnt moved out of the :kid: stage. tell him to grow up

Leave him, he doesn’t need someone like you.

My ex of years ago had a problem with WoW. We started off fine and 3 months in he got hooked. Started ditching me, ignoring me, spending all his time on that game, blowing me off for people he never even met so he could “grind” for 18 hours a day. It was so pathetic. I hate world of warcraft and it is a destroyer of relationships.