Two Years Of Krash: Thank You

This weekend marks a huge benchmark for me.  It’s the two year marker of me Krashing your airwaves at Candy 95.  It’s pretty easy to say time has FLOWN.  I have learned so much and have taken time to learn you, the listener.  I came here starting on Sunday’s while finishing up school at Sam Houston State.  Being on the radio was a dream of mine dating back to 16.  I told myself nothing would stop me in my dreams en route to making it as a broadcaster.  Since I’ve had many experiences and accomplishments.  None however can compare with being on air with you in the B/CS.  The welcome was warm on my first day when I was unsure of myself and learning the system. I still feel that same welcome two years in as a much more trained veteran.  It is an absolutely beautiful thing.  I write this to tell you thank you for everything thus far.  This is a journey, a lifelong dream I still feel like I’ve just begun.  Without your support I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I would like to pay homage to some of my favorite interviews, videos, and some audio with my YouTube links below.

Interview w/ Rebecca Black… NO not that Rebecca Black

Interview w/ rising pop star Erin Bowman.  Her hit single “Problem” has been featured at radio stations all over the nation!

Surprise Interview with local B/CS rappers Duke & Puntin

My first and maybe most special Candy 95 interview w/ country singer Alycia Brown

Interview w/ the best local rock band in the city of Houston! the last place you look

My top 10 Party Songs of 2010!

Last but not least how about a day in the life of Krash?  I planned to make a part two, to this.  But I got busy with well.. life!

WHEW so many happy memories there.  Here’s to another year of Krash Radio =)