VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s black tar-like “Fame” Perfume Trailer

Lady Gaga’s new commercial for her perfume “Fame” is out. Last year Mother Monster announced that “Blood and semen” would be in the perfume. Also, that the fragrance will smell “like an expensive hooker.” I literally have no words for this.


In the 34-second trailer, the pop star dons a series of bizarrely futuristic outfits, emerges from some kind of black goop, screams and gets scaled by dozens of tiny men. Yes, it’s a lot to process.

“The fragrance is called Fame,” Gaga told Vogue’s September issue. “It must be black. It must be enticing. You must want to lick and touch and feel it, but the look of it must terrify you.” (We have no idea what that means.)

Fame will hit shelves at Macy’s Wednesday. Get ready to smell Little Monsters everywhere! (like an expensive hooker)