5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Dating Site Stalkers

[From Bettyconfidential.com]

When you’re online dating, it doesn’t take long to realize one very important thing: There are some wildly annoying people on the internet.

1. Do not engage the beast.

Remember when you were in junior high, and some silly boy in your class used to be a little jerk to you on the regular, and when you’d go home upset, your mom would tell you, “Well, he likes you.” Awesome advice mom, thanks. I mean, how confusing was that? Well, it’s still confusing, and unfortunately some men have never matured past 7th grade. The thing is though, this is adult swim, not the kiddie pool. You no longer need to put up with little Johnny making you feel like crap. At the root of it all, these guys crave one thing…attention, and they don’t care if it’s positive or negative.

2. Blocking is not just for football.

Never be afraid to block anyone who is being aggressive or annoying online. Dating sites never tell anyone that they’ve been blocked, so you’re safe from any reprisals.

3. Be Harry Potter and use an invisibility cloak.

Okay, they really don’t make invisibility cloaks (yet), but a lot of dating sites allow you to not be visible when you’re on their site. It’s in your account settings—use it! Sites that offer online chatting also offer a feature that lets you opt out of it, so you’re not only invisible, you won’t get that guy bugging you the moment you go online. You’ll stop being anxious when you check your inbox. Don’t let creepo boy prevent you from meeting someone cool.

4. Report them

Remember that if someone is making you feel uncomfortable or threatened, you have every right to report them to the dating site owner. They don’t want trolls or psychos on their site anymore than you do!

5. It’s all about you!

The best thing about online dating is that it’s all about you! You don’t need to apologize. You don’t owe anyone a reason for not being into them. You don’t need to justify the way you respond, or don’t respond, to online dating messages. Don’t let some guy guilt you into feigning interest or taking him on as a charity case. You’re online dating for a reason, right? I highly doubt that reason was to spend your time talking to guys you can’t stand. You don’t need to go online for that. Use your time online to respond and engage with guys you are interested in, and make the “delete” button your new best friend.

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What can you add to the list of ways to ditch that online stalker who won’t quit harassing you?? Your crazy, over protective uncle can be involved in your tip, btw.