Message to My Ex

Have you ever wanted to say something to an ex, without ever actually having to contact him or her again?

Let’s face it, we all look back at situations and think, WHY DIDN’T I SAY THAT?!

Maybe you had a tough break up, you’re not happy with how things went down, he owes you money.. whatever it is, here’s your chance!

Example: To my ex- I would like back my copy of Tombstone .. and the last 4 months.

Here’s a few from the 23504 textline:

Just want to let my ex know that IT IS my decision if I want to be with you or not…don’t ever tell me I don’t have a choice of my own relationship status. You’re so controlling.

I thank God everyday it didnt work. I would not have met my wife if I hadn’t moved for you. Thanks for breaking up with me – it was the kindest thing you’d ever done.

You really hurt me. No matter what happens, I don’t think there’ll ever be another guy who loved and cherished you as much as I did. I don’t know where I’m going from here, it’s just like everything changed all at once. I just know that you won’t be there.. I love you Chelsea, I always will too. Please take care.

You owe me $1000 a!*@&*$.

Brandon. Your “Johnson” is not worth all the trouble

Kurt, I can’t believe you cheated on your girlfriend with me for months. I thought you would leave her and choose the right girl

No Dont wait 5 dates in to tell me you hape genital herpes doesnt matter how hot you are i still dont wanna have sex with you

Call me when you figure out what you want.

A message to my ex would be thanks for breaking up with me the say my aunt died over a text message

Message to my ex girlfriend.. “I really miss you and apologize for not being able to make it to the park that last day before you had gone away. I wanted to tell you I loved you and that I wish your father would accept me for who I am and respect my effort put forth to be the best boyfriend I could be. Even though he’s cast you away from my warmth…I will always love you and wish that we meet again in the future. I have met someone who has brought that love we so shared back into my heart and I hope you have found yours as well. Love, Gummybear

that’s what you get for whoring around. good luck finding a date to that wedding.

put down the nail polish and women’s hydroxicut you selfish, insignificant man child.

Grow up and Quit freaking trying to impress ur current family and take care of the first kids u had!!!!

You cheat on me, you send me to jail, but yet you still call me saying how you miss me and still love me. Thanks

To my ex, I never really liked you, just had you around so nobody knew I liked girls (: but thanks for cheating and making it easier to let you go.

The day u cheated after 16 yrs 2gether ended up being the best thing 4 me! I know have the fanily n unconditional love I always wanted! Thx!!!!

I always thought you were gay…..

What would you say to your ex?