Her Close-Minded Grandparents

A good friend of mine, Codi, sent me an email about her boyfriend. He’s black and she’s white. Codi’s grandparents didn’t know about thier relationship until recently. she needs some advice on the matter. Her email is below.

Hey Jeremy,

As you know, I have been dating a guy for going on 5 years now. Mind you he is African American and I’m from a crazy small town with practically no diversity. Up until 6 months ago my grandparents had been in the dark about my relationship. I finally worked up the courage to tell them about my boyfriend. My dad knew about him and really likes him at this point, but I’m really close to my grandparents so I couldn’t keep lying to them. Plus it was taking its toll on my relationship with my boyfriend. Well once the cat was out of the bag and several tears later, my grandparents knew, It was such a relief to get it all out in the open, until I found out my grandmother wasn’t as Open to the idea as I was. Later my dad told me she came to him and said she had ‘lost sleep over the whole thing’ and wanted to know if I was pregnant, dropping out of college, or getting married to this boy. This killed me, thankfully my dad defended me. I am still hurt by her assumptions. I just need some advice, I mean my boyfriend and I are very serious, even talking marriage but I don’t know how to handle my close-minded grandparents.

Thanks!  -Codi