Walk Across Texas With Candy 95

Help Candy 95 “Walk Across Texas!”

Our team has been challenged to raise $832 to help the Special Olympics of Texas.

This money will help fund more than 300 competitions statewide in 23 different sports, serving over 44,000 athletes.

In our area alone we have 1,113 competitive athletes and 112 dedicated coaches who help them maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

Each member of our team will be walking 104 miles (raising $104) during this 8 week challenge.

Check out our progress and watch as we compete to rack up the most mileage!

Activities such as biking, dancing, and even yard work can be converted into miles. One mile is equivalent to 20 minutes, and all of us will be equipped with pedometers over the 8 week period.

Please help us by donating to this amazing cause!

If you’d like to create your own team, register here!