WATCH: Christina Aguilera’s TEASE for “Your Body”

She blows up a car, has blue hair, AND at one point looks like SNOOKI.

That’s just some of what Christina Aguilera gave her fans as a sneak peek into her upcoming single vid.

Now that she plans to leave “The Voice”, Christina can devote more time to her first love – singing. (FINALLY!)

“Lotus” is Aguilera’s first album since the 2010 flop “Bionic.” In a Twitter Q&A, Aguilera promised fans a “rebirth” with the release of the new album.

“It represents an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives,” she says. “Self-expression and freedom [are album themes].”

Aguilera also hinted through her twitter account that the full video of the new single will be out soon!!

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