A Friend’s Facebook Post of Empowerment

A friend of mine, Whitney, that I’ve known since High School recently posted a message of strength on facebook that I thought was amazing. She’s been with this abusive, drunk DB of a man for a while now. She ended up marrying him a couple of years back. Plus, they have a child together. It’s a toxic environment and relationship. Now Whitney is finally ending it! Here’s her post.

“This has been a challenging year for me. It has been full of way too many choices, changes, and uncertainty. I am happy to announce that everything in my life is finally falling into place so that my daughter Skylar and I can have a positive new beginning. My divorce was finalized yesterday. Monday I start my career back as a Sr. Director’s Assistant of Real Estate. I am very excited and blessed with this position. Skylar starts her first day Monday at her new Elementary school and she is very excited as well. I have to thank God and you all, my friends and family, for being here for me during all of this. I feel very blessed. I am at peace with the way my life is going and I am happy to be moving forward.” -Whitney

If you’re a woman who’s dealing with horrible adversity in your own life know that you CAN stop it! Like Whitney, Many girls think that whatever they get is what they deserve. Noboby deserves to be treated as if they’re nothing.

-Jeremy Young