Cat Lady

I know this is a one in a million long shot but I must make an attempt, it was yesterday (10/28/12) about 4:00 PM at Spirit, I was shopping for costume accessories and just happened to glance up, and there you were, a vision of loveliness, a goddess, an ANGEL, you took my breath away!

I glanced and then with my heart pounding I walked past you, I spoke about what you were looking at and you comically replied, I went on about my business, and then a few aisles later there you were again, I thought then “don’t walk away, say something” and I did, you spoke again, you were semi-friendly but also concentrated on your task at hand, I could not tell if you were just preoccupied or just being aloof, so I lead with my head instead of my heart and I continued my search, I found my accessories, and headed to the checkout, I briefly stopped and glanced around but did not see the most beautiful woman in the world, so I presumed you were in the dressing room or had accomplished your mission .

I will kick myself until the end of time now for not at least stopping to talk to you, at least either got a positive response or a slap in the face, but now I will never know. I would give a reward to find you, but I doubt you will ever see it.

Thinking of you cat lady…….