I’m Not Crazy! My “EX-Best Friend” Tried to Ruin My Wedding.

Janelle’s wedding was a mess because of her nasty ex-friend and wants closer with it. check her email below…

Hi Jeremy. Thanks for letting people open up about their issues on the air. I’m not sure why I was shocked when a girl I had known for 28 years tried to sabotage my wedding. But I was shocked and hurt, and, almost a year later, still am. Maybe writing about it will make me feel better? I can’t tell.  All I know is that I no longer talk to someone who is a staple in most of my childhood memories and photos.

It seemed like maybe she was turning over a new leaf and could be genuinely excited for me. That didn’t last long. Slowly, but surely, she began her usual methods of sabotage. First, she “accidentally” tried to ruin a surprise bridal shower that my husband’s family worked very hard to plan by texting me the day before the shower to ask if I “had fun” and if I was “so surprised.”

My gut told me to un-invite her from my bachelorette party and wedding, yet my mother convinced me I could not do that.

So, she came to the party and spent the whole time complaining about how expensive everything and then tried to get my friends to leave my party with her and go to a club. Which they didn’t, btw.

The icing on the cake was during the reception when she cried to my sister that she wasn’t asked to be bridesmaid. When she saw me after the ceremony, she didn’t even smile at me! I even had to Photoshop her out of one of my favorite photos of our vows, because she is standing in the fourth row making a b*tchy stinkface.

The wedding was over six months ago and I’m having a hard time letting this whole thing go. I think the hardest part is that I don’t think she feels she ever did anything wrong. How do I get over this?