Should I Dump This?

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so let’s tackle Kaylnn’s email today.

You know the drill – I present you with an issue sent to me from a listener, and as an unbiased third party, you answer!


I have been seeing this guy “JOHN” for a few weeks. We have a lot of fun together, but I can’t stand when he pays for a nice meal. It’s not because I don’t like to be treated or anything, HE JUST NEVER TIPS WELL. I’m starting to get embarrassed by his behavior towards servers and sometimes have even found myself sneaking a few extra dollars under my plate.

In all other aspects, he is such a catch!

What should I do?! SIDT?




Everyone has come across a few servers that aren’t up to Christopher’s professional standards, but barring any rudeness or serious issue with your dining experience, this is someone’s pay check!

I too would be embarrassed to go out with a guy who seemed a bit stingy once the check was dropped off.

Now, I’m not sure if this is just because I was once a server AND bartender myself, but I know that sometimes, you’re just having an off night. And while I understand a tip should reflect the quality of service, if you feel compelled to slip a few extra bucks to compensate a cheapskate – DUMP HIM.

What do you think? Am I wrong?

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Some texts from 23504:

Dumping a guy just because he cannot tip well is totally immature. There are other reasons to dump a guy but this is very’s better to communicate. Not every one is good with tips. Some people have not worked as a server so they don’t really know how important it is..

DUMP HIM. People who treat their servers like trash are going to eventually treat you like trash

Has she confronted him about this? Some people just don’t get the tipping thing until someone presents the rules and reasons. If she has and he doesn’t care I’m for dumping… Shows he doesn’t care much about respecting others.

If he’s not nice to the waitress, he’s NOT NICE!!! You could always offer to leave the tip, thats what i do when my boyfriend taks me to dinner. I would ask him about it and if he doesn’t see the error in his ways DUMP HIM.

If the service is bad, then it’s no problem. If we’re just talking about a busy place and an overworked waitress, then there’s a problem.

Is he just bad at math or doesn’t know what’s appropriate?

i don’t really care…. he’s not cheap if he’s paying 4 it!!! Lol! don’t worry abt it! :)

Not cool I was a server. And I will tell my bf to leave a better tip

DUDE. We make 2.15 an hour. Only a #*&$ continuously stiffs. Dump that guy.

Definitely need to give him a chance to explain himself. If he gets defensive, then you have your answer. Also, if you feel like you can’t talk to him about things that bother you, he probably isn’t the right guy anyways.

I’m a true believer u tip based on the kind of service u get.I waited tables and I was trained u bring every thing to the customer without having to ask like napkins and refills when there glass are half way and I also there food unlike today some one else bring s ur food not ur server.Todays waiters won’t even pick up your plates when ur done they also have some one Else who dose that for them

Not tipping at all is a bit cheap. I would myself tip %10 for bad service, but never NOTHING. Those people live on their tips!

What if my bf OVER tips?

just offer to split the bill, he pays tab – you pay tip. win win!

yes he’s cheap–you should of tipped just to be a B___tch,maybe he would get the point-mabe the waitress was new on the job–he should take things into consideration–that is all their pay is.

I think a guy should at least tip a couple dollar even if the service sucks. that’s shows a lot of class, especially on a date. Him not tipping can be a sign of his stingyness.