Should I Dump This?


I’ve received several different emails about Halloween related relationship problems. Instead of replying to all of them you should dump your stick in a mud bf/gf because anyone who doesn’t like Halloween is OBVIOUSLY not worthy of your time or committed relationship, I will just give you one of them right now for you to weigh in on.


This isn’t really an email about breaking up with my guy if he doesn’t comply, more like, how can I make that happen?

I really want to go out dressed up together – something easy – and he is absolutely against it.

What do you think?


Hmmm.. Well Emily, if he doesn’t want to dress up, he doesn’t want to dress up.. there’s no point in bringing him along if he’s going to be miserable the whole night. I’d sooner leave him behind.. BUT the real question is does he not want to dress up OR does he not want to dress up in a COUPLES COSTUME?

So I ask you,

When you’re in a couple, do you like to coordinate Halloween costumes with your partner? If so, is it something that new couples can do, or should it be saved only until after you’ve met each other’s parents and perhaps even promised eternal love?

Or does all that coordination make you want to gag on a spoon?

Let me know!