VIDEO: Ohio University Marching Band – “Gangnam Style”

PSY did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”

Some of the Q&A:

Why were you so mad at that girl’s ass?
PSY_Oppa: because her ass was so mad

What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?
PSY_Oppa: korean food
youngchul: Or as we koreans call it, food.

Who is your inspiration?
PSY_Oppa: freddie mercury

Did you ever get bored doing the gangnam-style dance?
PSY_Oppa: there’s no time to be bored. i’m so busy doing the horse dance…

What are you dressing up as for halloween? Does South Korea have halloween?
PSY_Oppa: i heard my costume is costume of the year so this halloween i gotta dress more classy, as classy as possible.
there is no halloween in south korea.

And Finally…
Do you have a favorite Gangnam Style “spoof” video?
PSY_Oppa: ohio university marching band