Should I Dump This?

Election day is finally here my friends, and though we talked about having different political beliefs a few weeks ago, today let’s tackle VOTING.

To put it plain and simply, would you date someone who doesn’t vote?

That’s today’s email from Steven, upset his girlfriend Carrie refuses to cast her ballot.


I have been dating “Carrie” for a little over 6 months. We get on great and even have similar political beliefs. (I enjoyed your email on that because, I too, see that as a serious problem)

So naturally, I was floored when she not only turned down my offer of going to vote together, BUT informed me she wouldn’t be voting in this election.

I think failure to fulfill a simple civic duty is dump worthy? Right?



Maybe we should just date?

Relationships should center around mutual respect, and I don’t know I could respect a person who doesn’t vote.

Listening to my angry and confused facebook friends who say Obama and Romney are the same candidate, so there’s “no point” in voting, literally make me sick.

Today more than ever, I’m certain that I could not date someone who is either too lazy or apathetic to educate themselves on the issues of the day.

I don’t think anyone could possibly give me one single reason or warped justification as to why voting ISN’T important. Civic duty aside, to not embrace a liberty so many in this world are denied, is an absolute travesty.

I don’t care how good your butt looks in those wranglers, how ripped you are, or how phenomenal your taste in music is, if you don’t vote, I’m not giving you the time of day.

What do you think on this?

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