Impressing a First Date – By Cooking Dinner?

What do you think about that?

Since I usually dedicate Tuesdays to tearing relationships apart (kidding, sort of.. ), today I’ve decided to take a listener email about how to KEEP a guy.


Would you be comfortable bringing someone to your house on a first date, AND IF SO, what kind of meal would you make?



On the one hand, bringing a guy over on the first date for a meal you’ve prepared seems RISKY. I mean if you screw it up, you might really screw it up. This guy has no vested interest in you, so to me, there’s no coming back from a failure.

But hey, maybe you’re a better cook than me. I have two dishes in my culinary arsenal, BUT I don’t bring out the heavy artillery until I’ve already landed a guy.. like an added bonus type deal.

If you can accept the pressure that comes with cooking for a first date, GO FOR IT. Just don’t make your house seem “too romantic” and don’t make spaghetti. NO ONE looks attractive slurping noodles.

Have you been in this situation? What would you make?