All Made Up?


Like the rest of the population, my new year’s resolution is to work out more. So far so good.

I like to look good whatever I do, so I wear makeup to the gym. I’ve been wearing it every day I go… and my best friend gives me a really tough time about it.

She thinks it’s stupid to wear it when I’m “just going to sweat it all off.” But the funny thing is, I’ve met a TON of guys at the gym wearing it.

Is it weird to go to the gym all made up with a full face of makeup? Could that possibly turn guys off?!



As long as you WEAR A BRA.. ahahaha.

From the textline, the majority of listeners said NO MAKEUP TO THE GYM.

I contest this. If I am leaving work to go to the gym, I’m not going to take my makeup OFF. Granted, I won’t put on a fresh face of the stuff, but if it’s there, it’s going to stay there.

While I think it would be a little weird (and a waste of makeup!) to get dolled up for a treadmill, maybe I can’t knock it till I try it. My only problem would be getting all sweaty and having mascara run down my face.. not so attractive.

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