Countdown to Cotton Bowl – Part 1

A few things:

1) Cotton Bowl Hospitality – It’s insane how well they treat you here. INSANE. First off, the free stuff. People that got here before NYE got tickets to Mavs V Spurs but everyone get’s hooked up with gift bags. Including watches.


Also the amount of cool stuff they cram into the Media center is pretty outstanding. Pool tables, Poker games, Wii/XBox lounges, and also this guy…


Word of wisdom. NEVER NEVER EVER try to pick up the Heisman Trophy. It’s frowned on.

There’s also art. Like this life size oil on canvas mock up of Johnny Manziel.


2) Food. I wasn’t invited to this, but the Lawry’s Beef Bowl has to be the coolest thing going on up here. It’s for players and Athletic Dept types and it’s basically an all you can eat explosion of beef. It used to be an eating contest between the two teams playing but after two or three years of some of the guys getting physically sick pushing their limits they removed the competitive aspect.

3) Football Stuff: Was in the same room as Bob Stoops today which was pretty cool. He totally blew me off to do another show. Less cool. Here’s Stoops ignoring me in favor of a show that actually talks sports. Go figure.


More updates all week long. There’s a bunch of VIP parties that we’ll hit tonight and also do some other radio stuff for The Louie Belina Show and Sportstalk w/ Chip Howard on The Zone.

Also I’ll apologize in advance for over tweeting this week. If anything cool happens, it’s probably going there first (

BTHO OU. BTHO free food/beer. –Frito