Do Random Strangers Have the Right to Give You PET ADVICE?!

Time for this week’s LISTENER EMAIL:


I flew home recently to spend time with my family, and I have a little dog that I brought with me.

She fits in one of those dog carriers that goes under a plane seat, so I paid the fee and brought her on the plane.

But while I was waiting to board, a woman next to me started talking about how it’s mean to make your dog fly. She said it’s selfish for people to do it, and dangerous because it stresses the animals out. I just knew I would be gone for a few weeks, boarding costs a FORTUNE and not to mention Daisy would have a fit if she had to spend the week without me.

Thankfully I sat no where near this psycho on the flight, but it STILL bothers me she did that.

I mean do people really just think they know everything? Did I make a mistake or is flying with your animal okay?



You’re telling me some random person went ape $&#^ on you at the airport for traveling with your best friend?! NOT OKAY.

I don’t see anything wrong with what you did. I’ve never taken a long vacation without Rocky. In fact, if I go away for just a weekend he flips out.

*The Rock*

My problem with this story is THIS LADY!

Do strangers have the right to give other people advice about their pets? Isn’t it sort of the same thing as telling a person how to raise their kids?

What do you think?!