Fashion Friday

This week’s fashion Friday theme was simple enough- I needed an amazing dress for a Special Olympics banquet on Saturday night that wouldn’t break my bank.

So where did I go this time? Merge boutique.


Dress shopping is always something that freaks me out. I’m bigger in different areas, and having a little curve can be difficult to squeeze into a dress!

But, as soon as I got in the store, I noticed many different dresses perfect for ANY occasion. Formal, casual, leather, lace, you name it, they had some variation in stock.


I went with the dress on the left. A purple bondage top with flowing grey skirt, perfect for my event! Another girl was trying it on while I was in there, and even though we had different body types, it was flattering on both of us.

When I saw the price, I almost died. Everything in the store is under $50. I had money left over to splurge on jewelry.. so I did.


I couldn’t decide between the earrings and the necklace..


I almost always want to buy earrings, but I never wear them. I don’t know why – I just don’t. So the necklace won out. And what I liked about this design is they have several different variations. The chunky shapes and fun colors just spice up any dress.


And shoes? You can’t go wring with a basic black pump or stiletto. Thankfully, if you are missing this fashion necessity, they’ve got you covered.


I wanted to hold off on a picture of me in the dress, and instead have decided to upload the pics from the banquet with all my favorite Special Olympic athletes!

Whether you’ve got a sorority formal/semi-formal OR just want a knock out dress for Valentines day, I would definitely suggest a trip to Merge. Like these guys on facebook for their latest looks. :)

Happy Friday!