He saw them and It’s so awkward!

A listener sent me an email about her doctor that she knows very well! Check out why she’s embarrassed to be around him.

Hi, Jeremy. So I recently was in the hospital, I won’t say which one but that’s not the point. I was there for several days with a bacterial infection that was causing all types of problems and almost killed me. Thankfully, I’m alive and doing much better. Well, I also work for the hospital and my co-worker is the doctor who took care of me. Over the period of time I was there my friend would bring me a change of clothing from home. When my doctor was checking on me he saw my mistletoe panties and I know that’s part of the job and he sees underwear all the time BUT they were mistletoe! He smirked and it’s soo awkward to face him now. – Anonymous Lady

What advice can you give her? Have you ever been in uncomfortable position with a co-worker? Let her know on my Facebook.