Katy’s Mailbox

After this week’s dive into my inbox, I came across a story that some of you might be able to relate to.


I work at a law firm and right before Christmas, they took on a new partner. He’s not around as much as the others, but for whatever reason, at our holiday party, he started calling me Dave. The problem is, my name is Dustin.

Now it’s mid January and he is STILL calling me Dave.

I feel like it’s gone on so long, I can’t correct him without embarrassing him. My question is, is it more polite now to just ignore the error since he isn’t around that much? OR would it be better to subtly clue him in….. and if so, HOW?!


-Dave…. er Dustin


When I worked in Houston, big boss man didn’t know who the eff I was. He would come down the hall and say hello to everyone by name, and when he’d get to my cubicle he’d just say.. HEY!

I never tried to tell him my name, and when he FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT, it was because I was leaving.

Looking back, I should have made sure he knew me.

The problem with this situation is that if you are in a meeting and he calls you Dave, you run the risk of SOMEONE else calling him out on it. Then you’d both look like a$$es.

Next time he calls you the wrong name, just smile and say your real name. He’ll probably be a tad embarrassed and say something like, “Have I been calling you Dave all this time?!” but at least you are setting the record straight.

Either that – or legally change your name. You don’t want to pi$$ off the guy on the letterhead.

Have you been in this sitch? How would you tell him?