Katy’s Mailbox.

Tons of holiday problems, STILL POURING IN.

This week, I’m lightening it up with Sofia’s email.


I met a guy a few weeks back. He’s adorable and super sweet, AND you can imagine my excitement when he invited me to his new year’s party.

We’d been talking back and forth, but he never texted me… which I thought was kind of weird. He ALWAYS called.

When I went to his house on new years, I found out WHY. He uses a LANDLINE. A LANDLINE.

Who the hell uses a landline anymore?! He said it reminds him of time when life was “easier.” He hardly ever uses his cell phone – except for work calls.

Should I ditch the dude since obviously he’s a little off?



As hard as we want to pretend it doesn’t bother us that people don’t have cell phones or facebooks, IT DOES. You automatically assume the guy’s either a serial killer, pathological liar, or got a wife and enough kids to roster a basketball team.

The fact that he does own a cellular device makes it a little better – but the fact that he is most assuredly never going to use it to call you is troublesome.

It’s almost too easy for this guy to be not accessible, to disappear off the face of the Earth.. from you.

Bottom line: I wish I didn’t have a cell phone.. I wish none of us did. But I do. And when I don’t answer it, people get upset.

Now factor a relationship into that.. he can get a hold of you, but very rarely are you going to catch him.

No matter how secure you are, that’s going to drive you crazy. Tell him to catch up with the times or invest in some walkie talkies.

What do you think? Would you dump a guy who only used a landline?

..I probably would.