Monopoly is holding the trial of the century, asking fans to play the jury to decide which of the games classic pieces gets to stay–and which one has to go.

Using Facebook and Twitter, Hasbro has launched a contest for fans of the classic game to help “save” their favorite token–car, thimble, shoe, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow–and vote to replace it with a brand new one.

So the piece with the fewest votes, literally gets the boot. Not to pass GO. Not to collect $200.. but, to go directly to jail. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was the shoe?

If you’re wondering how it’s going.. the Scottie dog is holding an easy lead, with more than 61,000 votes and 34 percent overall. The wheelbarrow is in trouble, with 24,000 votes and only 3 percent of the total so far. This surprises me. I thought the wheelbarrow was WAAAY cooler than the stupid hat.

Fans can pick between a robot, a diamond ring, a cat, a helicopter and a guitar for a new token that will take its place among the classics.
Facebookers can vote to save one classic token and choose one new token once a day on the Monopoly Facebook app, and use the hashag #tokenvote to cast votes on Twitter.

I’m pulling for the thimble. You could put that thing on your pinkie! And as for the new pieces, I’m not thrilled.. Unless there’s a real diamond in that ring.

Which would you save?! Or should we leave well enough alone?


Or maybe we should change the game COMPLETELY?!

haha what do you think?