The happiest and unhappiest cities to work in


It’s no surprise that most of America’s unhappiest places to work have frigid winters or sweltering summers. Unwelcomed snowstorms and dreaded heat waves can affect worker happiness, but so can income, workplace environment, co-workers and career opportunities (or lack thereof).

Employees all over the country were asked to evaluate ten factors that affect workplace happiness. Those include one’s relationship with the boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and control over the work done does on a daily basis.

They evaluated each factor on a five-point scale and also indicated how important it was to their overall happiness. The numbers were combined to find an overall rating of employee happiness for each respondent, and then they were sorted by geographic location to find the happiest and unhappiest cities for employees. (These aren’t necessarily the “best” and “worst” cities to live in; they’re simply the places where workers are most and least happy right now, according to CareerBliss data.)

The Happiest Cities To Work In

#5 Pittsburgh, Pa.

#4 Memphis, Tenn.

#3 Honolulu, Hawaii

#2 Knoxville, Tenn.

#1 Dayton, Ohio -

Overall score: 4.02

The Company You Work For: 4.16

The Culture of Your Company: 3.82

The Growth Opportunities Available To You: 3.40

The People You Work With: 4.33

The Person You Work For: 4.28

The Place You Work: 4.03

The Rewards You Receive: 3.72

The Support You Get: 3.90

The Way You Work: 4.27

The Work You Do: 4.31


The Unhappiest Cities to Work In

#5 Little Rock, Ark.

#4 Fresno, Calif.

#3 Wichita, Kan.

#2 Reno, Nev.

#1 Boulder, Colo. -

Overall score: 3.45

The Company You Work For: 3.58

The Culture of Your Company: 3.36

The Growth Opportunities Available To You: 2.81

The People You Work With: 3.90

The Person You Work For: 3.42

The Place You Work: 3.41

The Rewards You Receive: 3.29

The Support You Get: 3.44

The Way You Work: 3.66

The Work You Do: 3.67


I wasn’t expecting Dayton, OH to come out on top BUT still very cool to see. For more details on each of the cities (good or bad) CLICK HERE.