You’re a student at TAMU and I believe you’re from the Austin area. We’ve spoken a few times when you’ve come to get food where I work (in College Station). You’ve been a regular at my work place for quite some time. During the fall last year, I think I saw you almost once a week. Sometimes you come get food by yourself. Other times you come in with guy friends, you all eat and order margaritas :) (the last time I saw you was Wednesday January the 23rd). Once you came in wearing a Mandola’s Italian Market shirt and I inquired about it because I found it ironic that I had just visited one of their locations for the first time only the day before in Bee Cave, TX. To describe you… You’re tall, you have dark hair, and you wear black RayBans glasses. If you read this you’ll know it’s you. Lastly, you have the most beautiful smile.

I’ve always been too shy to pipe up and try to get to know you. Also, you always pay with cash so I don’t even know your name. I’m hoping you’ll either magically see this or that I’ll muster up the nerve to say something next time I see you. I just don’t want to pass this up. You seem very nice and you seem to fit my type. :)