App that lets you rate guys!? #badapp

[Via Dailymail]

Forget Facebook stalking – new ‘Yelp for rating men’ lets women read anonymous reviews about single guys

A new app which has been described as a ‘Yelp for guys’ has drawn criticism for being ‘shallow’ and ‘ridiculous’.

The Smartphone program allows women to write and read anonymous reviews about the people they date – but men, unsurprisingly, are less than amused.

Lulu, which launched in the U.S. this week, asks female users to describe men using hashtags such as #HandyMan and #CheaperThanABigMac. 

They also answer multiple choice questions which are then converted into scores out of ten. READ MORE HERE

Come on ladies! I get it, but really? Would you actually download this to your phone and use it??