Fashion Friday

I’m skipping town today (actually I’m blogging this from the airport), but I could not NOT share my fashion find for this trip.

I went back to Merge Boutique, just to find a little something to wear to the plane. Okay, okay. I’m lying. I went in to find a dress for Confirmation – BUT I came out with THIS.

2013-02-22 09.09.51

<3 <3 <3

It also has zippers in the back. Sadly, I don't feel like taking a selfie in the airport bathroom, otherwise you could see 'em!

Coming up next week, Merge is celebrating it's birthday with specials and TONS of new merch fresh from a show in Vegas.


Whether you’re looking for a fun new top or a party dress to hit up NG – Merge has it all. Don’t forget nothing in the store is over $50.. so feel free to get crazy while I’m gone.

Find Merge on Harvey in the Burke Outlet center right next to Al’s Formal Wear.


Happy shopping!