Katy’s Mailbox

I really do feel like that creeper from Blue’s Clues everytime I say the word “MAILBOX.”

Childhood nightmares aside, here’s this week’s listener email.


My best friend’s been dating this guy for about 6 months, and last week, she found a receipt from Victoria’s Secret in his wallet. She figured he had just gotten her something from there for Valentine’s Day. Well . . . Valentine’s Day came and went, and no lingerie. He took her out to dinner and got her flowers and a necklace . . . but nothing from Victoria’s Secret. Now she’s not sure what to do. It COULD be something as simple and innocent as he originally got her something from there, but decided to return it and go with jewelry instead. OR it could be TOTALLY sinister and sneaky and the lingerie could be for his side action. Should she confront him about it?


No matter how you spin that – it doesn’t sound very good. He either bought it for another woman *BAD* , bought it for a family member *WEIRD* , OR bought it for a friend who didn’t want to go into Victoria’s Secret *UNLIKELY*.

What do you make of this?!

My suggestion? Try this super sweet app that erases him from you life.