Katy’s Mailbox

Hey girl-

So………. the other night my boyfriend said he wanted a “guy’s night,” and he was going to meet up with some friends at a bar. Totally fine with me!

But lately, a girl he’s friends with has been posting all over his Facebook wall, and sending him DMS on Twitter.

I looked at her profile when my boyfriend was out, and she updated on Foursquare that she was at a bar…. with HIM.

Just because this girl was at the same bar, it doesn’t mean they planned to meet up. But obviously this girl is into him. Is my boyfriend cheating on me?



I haven’t seen statistics on this or anything, but I’m willing to bet social media is the number one cause of breakups and/or divorces today.

OF COURSE there’s a huge possibility that this guy just happened to run into her at a bar. Maybe she’s a crazy stalker who just knows where he’s most likely to be.. but then.. it does look kind of fishy. I would like to give this doofus the benefit of the doubt, as in, surely, he can’t be THAT dumb that he would go about cheating on his girlfriend whilst the OTHER WOMAN documents it on the web.

What do you think? Is he cheating?