Email Help: I Can’t Get Him Out of His Shell

You can always email me,, with anything going on in your life. Maybe see if the B/CS can help out.

I received this from Patty. Her brother needs to get a social life!

Hi Jeremy! My brother is about 28 years old and he still lives at home with our parents.  He never leaves the house and his company allows him to work from home.  I’ve been trying to get him out to enjoy the world by bringing him with me and my friends to bars and such, but I definitely need help. What else do you think we can do to get him out of his shell.

- Patty, Madisonville

I say tell him there’s a hot lady involved. See if he will take the bait then find a woman, NOW!!

What’s your advise for Patty’s introverted brother?? Go HERE TO RESPOND