Fashion Friday

Spring is HERE. Well, maybe more so after this weekend since the low is 48.. but it’s time to get down all your shorts, jumpers, and tanks.

You know who can help you restock your closet if your style seems a little dated? Or maybe you actually stuck to your resolutions and need to buy new clothes?



Welcome to today’s fashion friday blog. I’m going to let the pictures sort of do the talking today, so prepare yourself for an eyegasm. (Can I type that?)


I’m sure that list is going to be extended this weekend. The girls just went to Dallas for a big market, so who knows what haul they will be bringing back with them. On the facebook page, they mention a lot of different denims: cut off shorts, roll up shorts, boyfriend jeans, trousers, skinnies, distressed denim, light wash.

And in store right now, 7 For All Mankind Vintage Collection shorts and different styles of patterned shorts like these!


I’m including this picture because I like the purse.

tunic dress

That’s a reddish/poppy colored Rebecca Minkoff.

Obviously I’m a creature of habit – HELLO?! how many times have I been to Pine?! When I find something I like, I stick with it. So when I saw this new top from T-Squad: Stars, Stripes, and Whiskey. Uhh yeah. Come home with me.


That little tank top underneath comes in a bunch of different colors. I went with the bright blue/green because it made me feel like the little mermaid. (No, really.)


Aaaand lastly, my friend went with me to Pine yesterday, and got compliments on this shirt sheer long sleeved shirt all night.


That color blocking also came in mint.

Remember with the PINE LOYALTY CARD every time you shop at Pine, you receive a point for what you spend. Rack up 500, get a $20 gift card. Like anything you saw on my blog? Monday = DOUBLE POINTS.

What are you waiting for?! Update your spring wardrobe with Pine Boutique.

Find them off Texas in the Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Center or check out more eye candy on facebook.

Happy shopping. ;)