Fashion Friday

Yesterday’s shopping venture took me back to good ole Pine Boutique.


Tara and Dani just got back from VEGAS, and though I didn’t want to know all the details of their trip (what happens in Vegas.. amiright?), I did want to see their new merch.

Had it not been 40 degrees last night, I might have even bought a dress. A tad uncharacteristic, I know, but some of the new maxis they came back with were just that great. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next week.. hmmm..

ANYWAY cold weather party on the patio-ing in mind – I opted for a new brand I noticed right away. T-Squad


T-Squad is an all American brand. Made by Americans, for Americans. So that’s pretty cool. I like knowing where my money is going.

From their website:

“Above all, we are American. T-Squad is a fight cry for our generation of Americans.

With the foundation of our past in heart and mind, the graphics represent a new sense of Americana.
The things we see and the whispers we hear evoke the spirit of the generation.

There is something irresistibly beautiful about America.”

That’s pretty deep for a tee shirt line.

One of the reasons I really liked the brand is that the stuff is so comfortable. Stylish tees are a great addition to any wardrobe, and Pine has a few designs to choose from.


I wore this skull shirt under my leather jacket LAST NIGHT.


And here’s what I’m sporting today.


For girls who think their style doesn’t really fit in with the Bryan/College Station area, you NEED to check out Pine Boutique. Find them off Texas in the Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Center or do a little virtual windowshopping on facebook.

Happy Friday!