Fashion Friday

BIG NEWS Pine fans.


That’s TODAY.

If you haven’t been swayed by my blog yet to make your way over to Pine, this grand opening party would be a great excuse to check it out.

There’s live music, wine tasting, introductions of new clothing lines.. and a photo booth!


I was watching them haul this thing in yesterday, and it’s pretty awesome. Today they have FREE PHOTOS all day. :)


Not something you’d expect in a clothing store, which is just another reason I love this place.

Aaaaand on to clothes. :)

Here’s the shirt I bought for the week. It’s teal and frayed around the collar, sleeves, and bottom.


I dragged (and by dragged I mean HELLO she came willingly to this place) my friend Jessica to come along this week, and she fell in love with this shirt.


And yes, I need to get my camera working better so I can stop cropping out my face. Ehhh.. one day.

Find them off Texas in the Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Center or do a little virtual windowshopping on facebook.

Happy Friday!