Fashion Friday

Forget spring break.. I am SPRING BROKE.

I went into Merge boutique this week for my fashion find, because well, money was a little tight. Everything in Merge boutique is under $50, so if you’re looking to score something awesome that’s not gonna break your bank before pay-day, I definitely suggest stopping in.


I had in my mind that I wanted to find something to rock for St. Patty’s day, but then I found this.


As I’m sure you’re aware, my photog skills are not the best. It’s a festive mullet dress (business in the front, party in the back) that has an orange and red top with a blue skirt.

Sadly, it has no traces of green.. :( BUT, it was the perfect drinking/crawfish dress for party on the patio.

20130314_155312 (1)

I also LOVED that one.. so ladies, if you don’t have #bustygirlproblems. GET IT. Super flattering and a great cut, if you can zip it. Haha.

I have a bunch of other pictures to upload, because SUMMER is coming and Merge has bathing suits and bathing suit covers, but my phone IS NOT WORKING.

So, while I wait for that nonsense to get its s together, I present to you a charity fashion show featuring Pine and Merge.


Find Merge on Harvey Road by Al’s Formal Wear, or do a little browsing on their facebook page.

Happy Friday!