Website That Offers Phony Positive Pregnancy Tests And Then Some


From silicone bellies to fake DNA tests, has almost every facet of “but I made up my mind, I’m keeping my baby” covered. A good man is hard to find — so trap the one you last slurped inside a bathroom stall at Burger King!

The next time your sponsor threatens to leave you, shove a phony positive pregnancy test in his face. Want to find out where you fit inside his five-year plan? Slide a personalized 3D ultrasound sonogram underneath his car’s windshield wiper while he is at work.

The possible scenarios are endless. Secure your position by picking up a few products today.


Hey crazy-a$$ women, because I know you’re out there, have you done this to keep your man?? Ya know, like wrap a silicone baby bump around your stomach… OR would you?