AUDIO: Shain Gandee 911 Call

Here is the full version of the 911 call I played near the end of the show.

I played a shorter edited version, but it was still VERY hard to listen too. It’s horrible in every way.

I’m posting this to bring awareness to TWO tragedies that we should all think about.

1) A life cut short: Regardless as to why, a 21 year old kid who was full of life is dead. A 40 year old man who had a lot of life to live is dead. Over the past few years we’ve gotten way too into this “YOLO” culture. Yes, you ONLY LIVE ONCE. But remember, you ONLY LIVE ONCE. You should live life to the fullest and savor every moment because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. However that shouldn’t be an excuse to be reckless and put yourself in situations making it LESS LIKELY that you will see another day or put yourself in a situation that might endanger the lives of you or others. Second, NEVER OPERATE A VEHICLE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR ANY OTHER DRUG. Just because you aren’t on a city street driving drunk can lead to your death. End of story. While no one will ever know the exact details, the one fact that everyone can agree on is they decided to go mudding at 3AM after spending the night at a bar.

2) Don’t let your friend be that guy: As tragic as it is to have your life cut short, you will leave people behind. The experience of this kid finding his friends dead will haunt him for the rest of his days. The thought of having my friend find me in a situation like that sends chills down my spine. ESPECIALLY if it was after something that could have been prevented.

All commentary aside, this is STILL just a tragedy all around. Shain seemed to be a good guy. Sure he liked to do a BUNCH of dangerous and stupid stuff, but like Ryan Dunn before him he came off as a genuine guy that just liked to have a good time. I know a lot of people who were/are like that (me included). That’s why it’s important to THINK before you act. For your sake, and everyone you love’s sake. You really do only live once. –Frito