Fashion Friday

LOTS going down this weekend in the BCS. Whatever you’re doing, make sure your outfitted to a T by stopping by Pine Boutique.


The first thing I saw when I walked in was this shirt. Maybe it’s because I secretly always wanted the sparrow tats, but I loved this shirt. It’s a fitted blouse with embroidered blue birds.

Would pair this with jean shorts.. awww perfection.


Then I saw this one. I feel the need to clarify here that yes, I like sugar skulls, but I don’t have like some weird fascination with the dead.. OKAY?! Have you ever seen MY STRANGE ADDICTION?! Because some people eat their own hair follicles.. Bahaha



It wears like a tshirt which I loved, because it’s fitted but comfortable. I also like the pops of bright pink. That chunky statement necklace also comes in a few other colors that would look AWESOME with that tee.

I got these two shirts. Yes, I splurged on both because they just fit so well. That white ram tee, looks better on than it does hanging. It has cap sleeves and a scoop neck, very flattering. (And it’s worth pointing out that it has a great hem. haha)


Before you ask, no, I don’t have a picture because eventually I had to cover up my frozen body with multiple jackets and a few blankets at party on the patio, but I wore the white one last night with jeans, boots, a black hair bandanna.. #getlikeme

Pine also recently got new arm candy. I am in love with the little rap bracelets that have fox faces on them. They are on the far left in blue and orange.


Lastly, I saw these tanks as I was walking out. The red one says “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine” and the yall on the blue is spelled with boots. <3 If you need swag for the weekend, and don't care about catching a cold - come stock up. ;)


Find Pine Boutique in the Bed Bath & Beyond shopping center by Double Daves and Jason’s Deli. Or check them out via facebook.

Happy Friday!