Fashion Friday

This weather is just KILLING ME.

For today’s fashion find, I scoped out Merge Boutique. I don’t know what happened to my last paycheck, but it didn’t last long. Whenever I need to stretch my $$$, this is the place to go. Everything in the store is under $50.


I can’t wait for summer. Well, I say that now. I bet in like 5 weeks I’ll be writing about the misery of 100+ degrees. I just want the weather to pick a range, and stay there.

When we can ditch the jackets, you’ll want to drop my Merge to check out all of their new tanks and tops. Lots of different cuts, styles, and colors. Here were some of my faves.


I was so close to buying that orange one. The back has a cut out detailing – it is definitely worth checking out.

On to accessories! So for the first time EVER last night, people were going on and on about my jewelry. I don’t wear it very often, so to me this was surprising.

Merge just got in a bunch of new pieces.. I wore a chunky silver aztec necklace. I think it’s somewhere in this picture..


Merge also had in new maroon shirts and dresses if you or any gal in the family is looking for something to wear to the maroon and white game this weekend.


Find them on Harvey Road next to Al’s Formal Wear or on facebook!

Happy Friday!!