Run For Boston – 4/17


We talked a lot about Boston on the show today. I’ve mentioned about a thousand times how much I love both the city of Boston and my numerous friends there. The thing that hits me the most about the bombing is that it happened at a race. I run a lot but am by no means a Marathoner. People who do those type of runs are a special group.

For most of them it’s a lifestyle and a very important component to who they are. It’s also a pass time shared by millions across America. No matter who you are, your level of athleticism, or place in life is you can run/walk/participate in the fun that is a 5k, half or full marathon, whatever. Many other millions of people are lovers/family members/supporters of runners and have spent time cheering their runner on as they try to chase down their personal goals.

I mentioned that it seemed appropriate that people would run this week in honor or remembrance of those affected in Boston. Almost as I said it on-air, Chris Field (BCS Marathon) revealed on Facebook that he was organizing an effort for people around the nation (and now world) to run on Wednesday for that very reason.

Here’s the basics:

1) Plan a run. Either alone or with friends.
2) Wear blue and yellow (Colors of The Boston Marathon)
3) Take a picture holding a sign saying “Run For Boston” and post it to their Facebook page. (They’ll share those pics with the people who organize The Boston Marathon)
4) Enjoy a great run in honor of everyone who can’t tomorrow.

You can start your own run or get in with some of the runs already being organized. Brazos Running Company will have heats leaving from their store every 30 minutes tomorrow and lots of people are organizing various trails of various lengths. You probably don’t need to look any farther than your Facebook feed to find one.

Here’s the link to the official “Run For Boston” Facebook page.

Sign up for one and enjoy a run. Even if you aren’t a runner. It’s a great way to show support and also to meet people who love to run and find out why they enjoy it so much. You might even get a new pass time yourself!