I’m not a Drag Queen… I just like a good pair of heels!

It’s the final night for me on the Night Rush! I love you BCS! Thanks for letting me be part of your life! You’ve been a HUGE part of mine. It’s been truly amazing to have lived in this wonderful community for the last year and a half.

Thank you for your emails too. One more I gotta share with you before I leave. It’s from Bobby and he needs some help!

Hey Jeremy! Can’t believe you’re leaving! I love your show. So I’m a gay man and need some advice. This past weekend I had to run a few errands around town. My parents said they were going to come by my house, which they own, to check on a few things. They came and went while I was gone. No big deal right? Wrong!! I talked to my mom on the phone just a few minutes before I got home and everything seemed fine. I walk in to fine my miniature schnauzer has drug out my drag clothing, hells and make up!! My parents obviously saw it. I honestly don’t dress in women’s clothing. It was a one time thing but I’m sure this is just adding salt to the wound. I’m really PO’d at my freakin dog!

It’s just awkward and I want some advice on how to handle this. Should I confront my parents and tell them I know what they saw in my living room? It’s just like the elephant in the room for me (A really hot elephant, but still). HELP!!

-Bobby, 26

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