Ex File

Maaaaan, exes ruin everything. Just go away and stay gone.

Check out this week’s email, let me know what you’d do.

Katy —

The dreaded ex is back in town. She just moved back from wherever the hell she was and since she doesn’t know anyone, she calls my boyfriend ALL THE TIME. He invites her out with us, our friends… I trust him, but I’m annoyed everytime I go out and she’s there.

Am I an awful person for wanting to tell him to cut it out?



I had an experience similar to this, and it did not end well. In fact, it ended in a messy, terrible break up. So if you can avoid that, do it.

Just tell him it’s super awk for you to be around this harlot. And ask him if it would be possible to just invite her to certain things – preferably those that involve a ton of people and a ton of alcohol.

Kidding.. kind of..

What say you? What would you do?