Let’s face it, you’re stuck here during the summer because you have summer school, you have a job, your hometown is boring to you, this is your hometown, or you went home and you realized that you went nine whole month without having to deal with your nagging parents and you need a get away. Anyway, you’re here now and that’s all that matters. Well, except you’re alone here. Most of your friends have gone on some badass cruise and “forgot” to invite you or something like that. Well, let’s help each other out and have an awesome summer fling or whatever you want to call. Let’s live life!

This is a temporary 2 months deal
From (June 11th – August 11th)

Candidates should have patient character coupled with an enthusiastic and adventurous personality. Must love fun, movies, music, outdoor activity, and my pet dog (it’s a deal breaker). Possibly wow me with some unique talent. Who knows maybe I’d like a girl who can yodel (probably not, just a heads up).

Cute face, in decent shape (as I do love to go on outdoor activity), funny, smart, you know normal things that just about every girl has (because you’re all special).

How it works:
Deadline to apply: June 10th
Interviews: June 11th
You reply with a picture and a brief bio (250 words max. To give you an idea, this posting is 276). Maybe put something unique in the subject line. If that’s a success and we’re both feeling it, we’ll date until 11:59PM, August 10th, 2013. After that we can still be friends (unless we hate each other, then we can downshift to the occasional drunken booty call).