Texting and Dating

Don’t text.. and date. That’s a thing right?

Because it should be. Technology just makes dating SO MUCH HARDER these days. I mean sure I wasn’t alive when girls would wait up by their telephones all hours of the night hoping that *because they didn’t have caller ID* every time the phone rang it would be that hunky varsity letter man.. but I read a lot of Nancy Drew as a kid.

So now that we have cell phones you’d think things would get easier? I mean instant gratification is great.. until it’s no longer gratifying.

I always get a little antsy when a guy I like doesn’t return my texts within like an hour or two or so. I get that you have stuff to do, but it’s not hard to shoot out a quick message to reassure me you’re not dead every couple hours.. right?

Granted, I’m probably a tad neurotic, especially since I myself am a TERRIBLE texter, but can you really tell whether or not someone is into you based on how they text? And if you return a text right away, do you seem needy?

What do you think?