9-10 local bands will battle it out from 10/3 to 12/12 at Party on the Patio at Ozona Grill & Bar to score the ultimate prize – playing Friday night at Chilifest.

Make sure to come out and cheer for your favorite band!

Here’s the lineup:


**The Chilifest committee has final selection of the winner. All decisions are final.**


Is equipment provided at the venue?

We have a basic mixer and two speakers. No engineer. If you’d like to provide your own sound equipment, you are welcome to do so. It will not hurt our feelings.

Do we get paid for the gig?

Both the audition show and the show at Chilifest will be unpaid shows. At Ozona, we will provide giftcards for food and drinks. And should you win Chilifest, you can sell your merch on site.