Harley Reynolds: First Man Thru the Wire on D-Day


Such a privilege to have Harley Reynolds join us for a half hour on the show today. Harley is a veteran of some of the heaviest fighting in World War II having stormed beaches on D-Day (Omaha), Sicily, and Africa. He is credited as the first man through the wire barricades on Omaha Beach.

He has a self published book called “How I Survived World War II” we mentioned. The only place it’s available is through his website which you can find HERE: http://phonesbyvose.com/HarleyReynolds.htm

We encourage you to take the time to listen to stories from our veterans. Their firsthand accounts are some of the best connections to history that we have. Thanks again to Harley for sharing some of his story and to all our Veterans for their unbelievable service in the name of our country!