Chilifest 2014: Cody Johnson

Cody-Johnson-4-630x420Well folks, Chilifest 2014 is inching closer and closer! Being a guy who’s quite familiar with the artists playing this year, I’ll be posting interviews, videos, and other goodies for you to help you get a little better acquainted with the bands.

Cody Johnson just came out with a new record earlier this year called Cowboy Like Me and it quickly found its way to near the top of the country charts for both iTunes downloads and for Billboard. I was able to catch up with him just prior to him playing another sold out shows at Hurricane Harry’s.

Cody minding his P’s & Q’s:

Cody on being on National charts:

Cody on playing Chilifest:

Will Cody show up to party Friday?

Stay tuned as I’ll have more about Chilifest 2014 artists in the days and weeks to come. Matter of fact, with Whiskey Myers coming to town next week, I’ll be sure to have some content from them coming your way!